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Stewarding for a Better Future:
Our Guiding Principle

Stewarding for a Better Future:
Our Guiding Principle

Stewarding for a Better Future: Our Guiding Principle

At IPC, we are committed to being good stewards of the planet we all share. We work relentlessly to promote sustainability. We ensure that every used pallet that enters our facilities is recycled in its entirety. Pallets that are still in usable condition are repaired and reused, while any broken boards are repurposed into eco-friendly landscape mulch or animal bedding. Sawdust generated from our sawmills is used in place of fossil fuels to dry pallets and heat our facilities. We also ensure that nails, plastic, and cardboard materials are recycled responsibly.

Fibertech Premium Mulch

IPC manufactures and markets our mulch products under the Fibertech Premium Mulch (FPM) brand. FPM is just as excellent a partner of choice for mulch solutions as IPC is for pallet solutions. Exceptional quality control of our products that are all generated from our own mills combined with unmatched delivery and customer service from our own trucking fleet and drivers. As our FPM team likes to say – we bring the WOW!

FPM produces the highest quality premium colored and hardwood bark mulches using primarily all virgin bark and hardwood from our mills making it the ideal choice for nurseries, landscapers and homeowners.

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  • Premium Colored Hardwood Mulch
    – Available in Black, Dark Brown, Brown and Red
  • Color Enhanced Hardwood Bark
    – Available in Black and Dark Brown
  • Aged AA Hardwood Bark
  • Premium Natural Mulch
  • Animal Bedding
  • Filter Sock Media
  • Premium Compost

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0.1  Million
Pounds of Nails, Plastic and Cardboard Recycled Annually
Cubic Yards of Mulch and Animal Bedding Produced Annually
Cubic Yards of Sawdust Reclaimed as Boiler Fuel
1  Billion
Pounds of Material Diverted from Landfills Every Year