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Total Pallet Solutions


New Pallets

Whether you need a standard 48″x40″ pallet or a custom design, our computerized pallet design system will create the perfect pallet for you. Our digital design system allows IPC to follow tight standards of consistent quality.

Key Benefits of our New Pallets:

  • Kiln dried, chemical-free mold prevention
  • Traceability
  • ISPM 15 Compliant heat treatment
  • Total pest control management
  • 100% Hardwood
  • Proprietary nail detection technology
Total Pallet Solutions Recycle

Recycled Pallets

An environmentally friendly option to extend the life of a pallet. We offer multiple categories of recycled pallets to fit each customer’s individual needs. Recycled pallets are carefully sorted, inspected and graded before being restored to their original useable condition. Constant quality standards and traceability ensure every pallet meets the required grade specifications. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to use 100% of every load of recycled pallets we deliver.

Total Pallet Solutions Remanufactured

Combo Pallets

Remanufactured pallets can be an excellent solution for small custom footprints. Remanufactured with all new fasteners to your specification using recycled lumber. Combination pallets combine new lumber for the stringers and recycled lumber for the top and bottom boards.

Total Pallet Reverse Logistics

Reverse Logistics & Pallet Purchase Solutions

IPC pays top dollar for standard 48″x40″ and odd-sized pallets.  Get the most out of your used pallets with detailed reports that break down the size, quality, and value of every pallet you send out of your facility. We offer next-day pickup and potentially same-day pick-up with our customer service team anticipating your needs. On-site sorting and inventory management solutions are also available.

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