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Quality Assurance

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Frustrated with Pallet Quality?

Product Damage
Protruding Nails
Poor Design
Not Built to Specifications
Missing/Broken Boards
Improper HT Certification

IPC maintains strict quality control measures at every stage of the pallet manufacturing process.

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That’s why IPC can make the Total Pallet Value pledge:  That every pallet you receive meets your expectations.  We call these the simple pallet basics:

  • Designed for your application
  • Built or repaired to your specifications
  • In the correct quantity ordered
  • No protruding nails
  • No broken or missing boards

In a word – useable – every one!

In addition to the basics IPC offers many additional quality assurance processes by pallet solution.

New Pallet Solutions

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Recycled Pallet Solutions

Combo Pallets

Pallet Purchase Solutions

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[contact-form-7 id="2619" title="Investor Relations Form"]